Monday, 30 May 2016

Multi Materials

Welcome to Multi Materials where students experience a variety of materials ranging from fabric to wood,  plastics, polymer clay, recycled paper, tin cans, rope, wool, paint and glue! In Year 7 students learn how to work in a tech room, a completely different environment from their regular classroom, and encounter machinery and equipment that many have never seen or used before. In multi materials students learn how to safely use sewing machines and irons as they design and construct their own unique apron to use in  the science, food and art rooms.
This year I have have opened up my Year 8 unit to give students more choice in selecting what they want to do. We start by learning how to use polymer clay- softening it -warming it up then creating charms, minions, skulls, beads or figurines etc to create a gift for someone special. After that all sorts of projects are undertaken- we have turned old books into handbags, made spheres to hang from the ceiling from balloons, glue and string, scooter ramps from wood, felt drink coasters, toys for the family cat, bath bombs from common household ingredients, wooden pendants, painted boards and modge podged favourite inspirational quotes on to them. I really enjoy watching the students develop their ideas and complete their individual projects.